Extract values from text, related to terms. Read more here.


define NYHAClass:
    termset: [NYHATerms],
    enum_list: ["ii","iii","iv"];
define Temperature:
    termset: [TempTerms],
    minimum_value: "96",
    maximum_value: "106"




Name Type Required Notes
termset termset Yes List of possible terms to find, e.g. ‘NYHA’
documentset documentset No  
cohort cohort No  
enum_list List[str] No List of possible strings associated with the query terms
minimum_value int No Minimum allowable value; any extracted values less than this are ignored
maximum_value int No Maximum allowable value; any extracted values greater than this are ignored
case_sensitive bool No Default = false; whether to do a case-sensitive term match

Custom String Arguments

For these arguments, surround the string on each side of the ‘:’ character with quotes.

For example:

define systolic_blood_pressure:
        termset: [blood_pressure_terms],
        documentset: [my_docs]

define diastolic_blood_pressure:
        termset: [blood_pressure_terms],
        documentset: [my_docs],
Name Type Required Notes
denom_only str No Default = “False”; if “True”, return denominators of fractions instead of numerators
values_before_terms str No (for enumlist only) Default = “False”; if “True”, look for enum_list strings preceding the query terms. Otherwise look for enumlist strings following the query terms.


Name Type Notes
sentence str sentence where term and value are found
text str substring of sentence containing term and value
start int offset of the first character in the matching text
end int offset of the final character in the matching text plus 1
term str term from termset that was found to have an associated value
condition str relation of query term to value: ‘APPROX’, ‘LESS_THAN’, ‘LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL’, ‘GREATER_THAN’, ‘GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL’, ‘EQUAL’, ‘RANGE’, FRACTION_RANGE’
value str the numeric value that was extracted
value1 str either identical to value or the first number of a range
value2 str either the empty string or the second number of a range
min_value int either identical to value or min(value1, value2) if both exist
max_value int either identical to value or max(value1, value2) if both exist